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Collin's squaremap Playerlist

A simple way to retreive and log player connections and disconnections with a real-time web interface.

To use this, you'll need:

  • an existing MongoDB database
  • Node.js >= v20.0


  1. Download the code with "Download ZIP" or git clone https://github.com/collins-corner/csmp
  2. Change into the directory of wherever you downloaded the code to
  3. Modify the .en.v with the details of your setup. (Note: the URL of the map server needs to point to /tiles/players.json, as this is the API endpoint we gather data from)
  4. Rename .en.v to .env (Remove the . between the "n" and "v")
  5. Change the host of ./public/script.js to wherever the websocket host is exposed. For instance, this could be "ws://example.com:3000"

Assuming you've set everything up correctly, you should be able to run node app.js and be off! If you see Server started! in your console, go to http://{server-ip}:{server-port} (replace with the values you defined in .env) in your browser, and you should see a list of players appear... assuming there are players on that gameserver.


  • This code may not scale very well, so server owners should be aware of this before deploying this for large playerbases
  • The web interface is very "rough around the edges", as I am not a web designer
  • I would recommend using something like PM2 to daemonize this, or even running the code in a detached tmux terminal
  • Anyone is welcome to suggest new features, and pull requests are greatly appreciated!